Fish Lips Paper Designs is a one-woman show started in 2007 by Kimi Chronis. As the owner, designer, packager and shipper (just to name a few of her roles) Kimi is out to prove that luxurious quality, designer aesthetics and environmental responsibility can all coexist beautifully.

While working as a LEED Accredited Interior Designer, Kimi found herself drawn to textiles, patterns, and of course, how to incorporate sustainability in an attractive way. She began "doodling" and found she really loved creating architectural and geometric patterns. The only question was - What to do with these designs? Fast forward a couple of months, a few holidays and several unsuccessful attempts at finding stylish & recycled gift wrap and Kimi knew just what to do with her designs! Fish Lips Paper Designs was born in Kimi's 1 bedroom apartment in the very early mornings and late nights surrounding her "real job".

Kimi now lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, daughter, son and crazy mini aussie. She continues to run Fish Lips on her own, with much love and support from her family, and also enjoys working on freelance and custom design projects for other eco-friendly products.

When Kimi was young, single and living in Hermosa Beach, CA, her favorite days were spent outside in the sun, sand and surf. One random day, she asked her very manly Greek boyfriend, "How much do you love me?" After careful consideration he replied, "I love you more than fish do this," and proceeded to move his lips, all puckered up, like a fish. Needless to say, this was the best possible answer and Fish Lips immediately became a term of endearment, representing all things good, happy and beautiful in life! When Kimi needed a name for her new design business, with that same serious Greek guy right by her side, it was a no brainer. The rest is history...

PS - The serious Greek is now officially Mr. Fish Lips and continues to be Kimi's biggest supporter

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